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     Throughout the history of Russia, with the exeption of a
brief period around the beginning of the present century,  it
has  been  the official policy of the govenment to forbid the
appearance in print of a large body  of  words  used  in  the
everyday  speech of many Russians and known to virtually all.
These words are  considered  too  obscene  for  inclusion  in
dictionaries,  even  through some of them have existed in the
language from its beginnings  (e.g.  perdet',  Common  slavic
*perdeti,    c.f.    Sanscrit   pardati,   English   'fart').
Unfortunately, the compilers of most Russian reference  works
outside  Russia  have  also deemed these words unsuitable for
     A  Short  Dictionary of Russian Obscenities  is a modest
attempt to fill this gap.  It has been compiled from  various
lists  which  have circulated for some time but have not been
avalable to a  wide  public,  from  Baudouin  de  Courtenay's
edition  of  Tolkovyi slovar' zivogo velikorusskogo jazyka by
Vl. Dal',  and  from  material  provided  by  several  native
     The compilers of the  present  work  have  attempted  to
avoid  strictly  dialectal  forms,  but  have  included  some
archaic words. It is intended simply as a defining dictionary
: those who use it for the  purpose  of  building  an  active
vocabulary  do  so at their own risk. Determining exactly how
obscense  a  given  word   is   frequently   presented   some
difficulty.  As  a  matter  of  prinsiple,  words  which  are
included (in their "vulgar" sense) in the four-volume Slovar'
russkogo    jazyka    (Akademija    nauk    SSSR,    institut
jazykovedenija, Moskva, 1957-1961) are exluded.
     The  compilers  are painfully aware of the inadequacy of
this first, preliminary edition  of  A  Short  Dictionary  of
Russian  Obscenities,  but  feel  that it will serve a useful
purpose in the absence of any equivalent work. They  will  be
grateful  for any critisizm of content or form. Indeed, it is
their fervent hope that the present work  will  stimulate  an
interest  in  this  neglected  facet of Russian lexicography,
which might lead to the complication of a modern and complete
list of Russian obscenities.

     D.D.                         Berkley, 1971

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